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Welcome to the Pivotal Curriculum Instructor’s Page and congratulations on becoming a Licensed Pivotal Instructor.

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All of the audio and visual elements of the Curriculum are here for you to link to or download. You can download individual workbooks for delegates and exclusive Pivotal content. Please remember that the materials are copyrighted and shouldn’t be shared outside your organisation. Find below your Change Tool. A document containing key information relating to your year as a pivotal instructor

Change Tool

Video & Audio Links

Unit 1: Culture

Video 1: Consistency

Video 2: Candid Camera lift

Video 3: Fruit of the Loom

Audio 1: Smiley faces and the amydala

Video 4: Why the dog won’t show its eyes

Video 5.1: Year 6 maths

Video 5.2: Michael


Unit 2: Structure

Video 6: Fish tank

Audio 2: Relentless routines

Video 7: Names on the board

Audio 3: Managing behaviour around the site



Unit 4: Anger

Video 13: Sam 1 (record your own with one of your learners)

Video 14: Sam 2 (record your own clip with one of your learners)

Video 15: Callum

Video 16: Anger in the workplace

Video 17: Chantelle

Unit 5: Safety

Video 18.1: Primary safeguarding

Video 18.2: Secondary safeguarding

Audio 7: Disclosure


Level 1 Delegate Workbooks

Click (or right click) the buttons below to download the relevant pdf file to your computer for printing.

Unit 1: Culture

English  Welsh

Unit 2: Structure

English  Welsh

Unit 3: Change

English  Welsh

Unit 4: Anger

English  Welsh

Unit 5: Safety

English  Welsh

Additional Resources

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Icons for Behaviour

Download these icons for use in classrooms

Download Icons

Pivotal Pledge Ribbon

Pivotal Pledge Ribbon

Order ribbon for your training sessions

Order ribbon

Smiley Face Exercise

Watch this video of Paul running the smiley face exercise.