Instructor Awards


How Pivotal are you?


We created the Pivotal Awards alongside the Pivotal Curriculum to recognise the implementation of the Pivotal Curriculum in schools and colleges.  We are currently reviewing the programmes and the associated reward and recognition programmes and we will provide more information as we progress with this. In the meantime, we are keen to support all our customers in the implementation of the Curriculum, so please do not hesitate in contacting us if there is anything you would like to discuss.

Call the office on 020 7000 1735 or email

Pivotal Behaviour Awards

As a Pivotal Curriculum school or college, you can earn a behaviour award!

Pivotal Behaviour Award

Pivotal awards can also be upgraded to bronze, gold and silver.

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Certificates are available for delegates when they have completed units of the curriculum either online or within your organisation. When you deliver a unit within your setting, contact us for a training evaluation and certificate page. You can see a sample here.

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