Hold me Tight, Let me Go

Video 27 Fear and Difference that is used in the Include unit is taken from a documentary “Hold me tight, Let me go.” filmed at the Mulberry Bush school.

The Mulberry Bush is a therapeutic community, school and charity providing residential therapeutic care, treatment and education to traumatised children and their families from across the UK.

Web Site: www.mulberrybush.org.uk
Twitter: @MulberryBushOrg

The scenes used in the video are used to demonstrate extreme learner behaviours and to encourage your staff to consider their own reactions and responses to these behaviours.

The restraints used in the main documentary may be out of date and should not be copied or repeated.

If you would like to see the whole documentary with the behaviours in context Hold Me Tight, Let Me Go can be seen here: You will see a range of adult responses, many of which are wonderfully nurturing and supportive of the young people.