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28th August 2020 – Level 3 – Designated Safeguarding Lead Training – Jane Marr

You attended Level 3 Designated Safeguarding Lead Training with Jane Marr on the 28th August 2020.

Follow the 5-step process below to get the most out of Pivotal’s post-training support and resources.

Step 1: Sign up for free tips

Make sure you are signed up to receive Pivotal Behaviour Tips.  These will arrive by email once a week and give you a drip-feed of strategies and ideas that you can integrate within your behaviour practice.

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Step 2: Access resources

Below is the resource pack that has been especially selected for you by your trainer to develop or reinforce ideas from the training.

Level 3 Safeguarding Resource Pack

Safeguarding pupils

Tea and Consent – by Thames Valley Police

An Educational Resource on Child Exploitation

Overview of Sexting Guidance

The Expect Respect 

West Midlands-Adult Safeguarding

Hidden English – video (Password: hiddeneng)




Step 3: Listen to a podcast

Visit the main podcast pages or listen to the example podcast below.

This time, the topic of the week is E-Safety and Cyberbullying.

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Not sure how to subscribe? Watch these videos.

Certificate-page-001Step 4: Print your certificate of attendance

Please provide your first and last name below to generate your certificate of attendance for the training.

Make sure your computer is connected to a printer, so that you can print the certificate out.

If you are not near a printer, we can email you a PDF copy automatically. All you need to do is Login to our website, refresh this page, create your certificate and voilà! it is in your inbox.



Step 5: Join the Pivotal Conversation

Get connected with Pivotal social streams to talk to the Pivotal team, post suggestions and ideas, share your own behaviour tips and get notifications about news and articles.

It would be great if you also posted photos from and comments about your recent training!

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